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Best city trips

Whether you are looking for city breaks as a weekend trip away or just as an adventure to the top cities of the world, we aim to have a guide to help you make the right choice. A vacation to the best cities across the world is exactly what many of us need to break up the year.

The best city trips are perfect for romantic adventures with your loved one amongst the historic architecture, buzzing bars, trendy restaurants for fine dining or just to stroll together through the old town cobbled streets of a historic city.

City centre locations offer much for a family city break. You can see some world class museums, become art lovers at the city's art galleries. As outdoor enthusiasts, use the city as a starting point for hiking trails, laid back beautiful beaches or spend a few hours in the year round green spaces that the city has to offer.

City Trips

Imagine visiting New York and taking in a broadway show, a horse and carriage around central park and then up the world famous Empire state building to grab some Instagram photos of the big apple at night.

Maybe you want to grab a weekend trip to Las Vegas and all the fun things that the city provides, with the Grand Canyon and indian hot springs just a day trip away.

If that's not your thing then the laid back French quarter of New Orleans might be right for you, grab a craft beer whilst you listen to live music on the cobblestone streets of the city then take in a ghost tour.

Natural Beauty

Plan a city trip to California, with the natural beauty of its golden beaches, from sunset beach up the golden coast to the street art of Venice in Los Angeles. Further up the Californian coastline you can take in San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge or a day trips to Alcatraz and the historic piers. California puts you with quick reach of some of the best cities in the world.

If culture is your thing, maybe the UK's capital city, London, is your choice. See the city, its historic architecture, a national museum, the cultural institutions and all the history of places like Buckingham Palace and Big Ben.

Surprise your partner with a quick city trip to the romance of Paris, get the perfect photo op in front of the Eiffel Tower or Arc De Triomphe. Try the famous fine dining options that the French capital city is known for.

For history buffs, why not consider the eternal city of Rome, a place to take in a UNESCO world heritage site right in the city center, beautiful Roman and medieval architecture, St Peter's Basilica and all the city has to offer.

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